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Den of Wolves Cover

Healer Blackthorn knows all too well the rules of her bond to the fey: seek no vengeance, help any who ask, do only good. But after the recent ordeal she and her companion, Grim, have suffered, she knows she cannot let go of her quest to bring to justice the man who ruined her life…

Tower of Thorns Cover

After the strange events of last autumn, healer Blackthorn and her companion Grim have settled back into their everyday life at Winterfalls. But trouble has a way of seeking these two out…

Dreamer's Pool Cover

What if you were locked up awaiting execution and a stranger offered you a bargain that would set you free?  What if accepting bound you to certain rules of behaviour for seven years, rules you knew you were likely to break within days? Blackthorn chooses life…


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