TOT US final correctedWe’re getting close to the release date for Tower of Thorns (Blackthorn & Grim book 2) and I’m excited to share the news that the audiobook edition from is now in production!

Like Dreamer’s Pool, Tower of Thorns has three characters who share the narration chapter by chapter. For the audiobook edition we have, again, Natalie Gold reading Blackthorn’s chapters and Nick Sullivan reading Grim’s chapters – in this book we learn a lot more about Grim’s past, before he and Blackthorn found themselves incarcerated together. I’m delighted that these two fine narrators will be joined by Susannah Jones, who is reading the chapters told by a new character, the mysterious Lady Geileis of Bann. That is Lady Geileis on the front cover, looking out from her high window.


The beautiful cover art for the Blackthorn & Grim series is by Arantza Sestayo.

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